Parents often bring their child for an assessment when they recognize that the child is trying at school but something “just isn’t right.”

Learning disorders can be hard to recognize especially if the child is highly intelligent.  The student can go through years of memorizing the material and getting an easy A, until the academics get to a difficult transitional year.  Teachers sometimes miss the signs of the learning challenge and believe the child is “lazy” or “acting out.” At some school districts, teachers are told not to bring up the possibility of a learning disorder because to do so makes the school required to offer testing.

As a therapist with a Specialization in Children and Families, I focus on whether the child is developing age-appropriately.  I offer parents insight into the school system and give the parents an understanding of their rights when dealing with the educational system.  After completing the assessment, I review my findings with the parents and provide a list of items for you to take to ARD/504 Meetings individualized to meet your child’s needs.  In addition, I work with you, and the teachers if you request it, to create behavioral plans to create a successful structure at home and school for your child.