Women’s/Men’s Issues

Women tend to give selflessly, often to their detriment, in their efforts to help others. I provide the skills to recognize your particular issues, teach you how to give to others without harming yourself, when to say ‘no’ with self-confidence, and how to make the decisions best for you.  When you feel strong and confident within yourself, it is easier to create healthy relationships and feel good about your life.

Men are raised to fix problems and sometimes not to show emotions.  Men tend to struggle when a problem, like a serious illness, cannot be “fixed” especially if it involves feelings that they were taught not to express.  Emotions often come out as anger and it creates conflicts within relationships.

Why should a man choose a female therapist?

As a therapist, I am an objective listener.  My role is not to shame you but instead to help you evaluate what is not working for you in your life.  Expressing any emotions that arise during your session is easier because you will not be judged for it. I can help you understand the how’s and why’s things that appear forthright to you may create conflict with loved ones.

Whether you come because you recognize a problem, or because someone else has urged you to, I offer concrete problem-solving that can help you begin to work on resolving your concerns from the first session.