Anger and Frustration Management

I am a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist.  People suffering from anger management issues need understanding that they are really trying but what they are trying isn’t working for them.  I offer individual, couples, and group sessions to provide methods that allow clients to gain self-control while enabling them to heal themselves and their relationships.


How do I decide between individual, couples, or group sessions?

The advantage of individual sessions is that the entire session is focused specifically on helping you, but if anger is an issue within your relationship, sometimes it helps to have your partner in session so that specific concerns can be addressed.  It is also possible to blend the two options so that you work individually in some sessions and meet with your significant other at different times.

Anger Management & Frustration Groups

A time-limited, group that teaches anger and frustration management to those who struggle with challenging situations.  The focus is on achieving self-control to reduce negative reactions to stressful situations and enable you to improve your relationships.  The group is offered periodically during the year.